Legal Firm Swamped with Referrals! …

We’re a boutique law firm, specialising in wills and estate planning.

Most of our business had been built purely from referrals and a growing reputation, but this didn’t allow us to expand our business as quickly as we’d liked.

After attending one of David Penfold’s presentations, we set up a meeting to find out how the LinkedIn Lead System could work for us.

That was six month’s ago and the results have been phenomenal.

David suggested that the best focus for us was to increase our referral network. We would have been happy with 5-6 new referral partners over 12 months. A typical referral partner would send us one new client per quarter at a minimum fee of $3,000. This would result in $10,000+ per year for each new partner.

We were staggered that this target had been completed “blown away’ within the first six months.

The LinkedIn Lead System has already resulted in $000’s of direct new business, 22 new referral partners already providing new clients and 1237 new targeted potential referral connections, that will continue to convert into a raft of more partners.

We set an initial ROI of $60,000 in 12 months and we’re now on target to build a referral network with an additional minimum potential income of $250,000 per year… year after year!

We highly recommend David’s system if you want to either build your referral network or direct client sales. It’s a credible, professional, and rewarding process of relationship building that gets results, literally from day one.

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