Career Development Consultancy Climbs The Ladder

We’ve spent many years working intensively with very senior executives across the US, coaching them into C-suite roles, within very large corporations.

The issue was that it was all word of mouth and we wanted to rapidly grow a new, more leveraged version of our coaching product.

I came across the LinkedIn Lead System and immediately thought that this had the potential to very accurately target SVPs and Senior HR Managers in large firms with over 1,000 staff.

We committed straight away because the cost was nominal compared to the potential return. Plus, we hadn’t found any other way to achieve this level of engagement.

I have to say that I was still quite disbelieving that these very hard-to-get-to people would respond as positively as they did, and they did in droves.

We firstly targeted SVPs with a direct product sale and 6 of the first 8 people bought the product for $15,000 in a matter of weeks, so we were feeling confident.

We then targeted the senior HR managers, despite some of these people being responsible for 50,000+ people within a global firm. To secure just one of these clients could easily be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. To my surprise, they responded very positively to the system David put in place.

We engaged with an initial 52 people and as of writing, I can say that we’re having very active discussions with around a dozen firms. Despite our sales process being quite a long process, we’ve already made $72,000 from SVPs, so our return on investment is incredible.

It actually leaves me a bit nervous if I think about the full potential of this system over the next 12 months.

Absolutely give it a go if you want to target and successfully engage very specific high-end clients.

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